Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

If I had a rocket launcher

...I'd make somebody pay.

On the other hand... (swiped from shaunkun:)

Copy this your own journal and then answer it.

If you had control of $100 billion, what would you do with it? This question is meant to appeal to your sense of vision and idealism. Sure, you might first get the material possessions you always dreamed about, and lead a life of indescribable luxury and indulgence. But even the most wasteful personal lifestyle will not use up more than a fraction of such a wast amount of money. Eventually, you'll want to put this money to good use for the rest of humanity. Describe your plans in detail, and be specific. Don't just say "end world hunger", "conquer disease" or "build a moon base".

Right off the top, I'm sick of the bullshit in Poway's gym. Our bleachers are now broken, so that once they're pulled out, they can't be pushed back in until someone repairs them, which can't happen until after the season's over because the fucking school district doesn't want to spend the money now.

So right off the fucking top, plans get drawn up to raze the PHS gym and old wrestling/gymnastics building, and replace it with a larger complex, this summer. A full spectator gym done midwestern-style with shelves on each side with additional seating on top, two auxiliary gyms, indoor storage for everything, office space for the staff. Stage the materials on the back field, start demolition after the last day of classes, 3-shift work as soon as the exterior is complete (as to not annoy the neighbors) and be ready to go the first day of fall practice. It fucking galls me that we have six levels of basketball and one gym. (The freshmen frequently practice outside on asphalt. Which means we're fucked when it rains.) The football stadium press box could use rebuilding too. And Espola Rd. south of PHS needs to be four lanes.

I'm also willing to buy out all these noisy old fucks living in old Poway that hate children, and sell their houses to people who aren't assholes. "Waaaah, we don't want a softball park a block away from where they used to play at Midland Elementary, make those little girls move to the industrial park!" Fuck you. Fuck you up your stupid ass.

District 27 has discussed closing Grove, my elementary school, rather than spend several million dollars upgrading it. There is no way I want to see the entire district's K-3 crammed into Hickory Point. This is a larger district than it was when I was that young, they should be expanding, not contracting. That gets paid for.

I'm also inclined to pay the Village to paint "SAVE FERRIS" on the side of the water tower again. :-)

A few scholarships get endowed, notably for someone at PHS and GBN who fill my old role. It doesn't have to be awarded every year, just when you have a deserving graduating senior who makes the type of commitment that I did. ACM@UIUC gets two--one for an exceptional CS-major member, and one for a non-CS-major.

Paying off family debts is a given.

Joe Straczynski gets a call... Whatever he wants to produce theatrically I'll back, and if he's got a TV pilot or two to try, I'll fund that too. Ditto Warren Ellis. Particularly a Transmetropolitan adaptation, particularly one starring Patrick Stewart. Ditto Bendis and Powers. (It's too late, I think, to entice Aaron Sorkin back to West Wing.)

I'd pay Card not to adapt Ender's Game. Ever.

The EFF and ACLU, Doctors Without Borders, and Habitat for Humanity each get fat checks. The NRA gets a note that they're not getting one because they support too many right-wing candidates. (You don't have to love shoving your vision of God down other people's throats to like guns.) Maybe I'd found a non-wacky gun rights group...

The law limits me to contributing $2000 to Barack Obama's reelection campaign. That will have to be good enough. I'd also look long and hard for better candidates to replace Boxer and Feinstein. And candidates to replace the entire Poway Unified school board. No more than two may live in the city of Poway. All must favor replacing the district's zero tolerance policies with something wiser, but consistent.

I'd throw a few bucks at my favored web cartoonists.

If it comes down to it, I'll pay to have Wrigley brought up to code, on the perpetual conditions that they never sell naming rights on the place, and they never ask for a publically-funded stadium to replace it.

I'll buy the Blackhawks off the Wirtz family. And then find someone local to Chicago who's capable of running the team right and either hire them or sell the team to them. If it's at a loss, fine.

I'll pay the IHSA to change the basketball playoff system back to what it was a couple of years ago. This sited regional system is utter crap and makes playoff seeding all but meaningless.

New Trier's gym is an old facility that likely needs upgrades. Their AD is a mentor and a good friend, so I'll see if there's anything they need. Evanston as well, since they're another conference school that runs a good program. (Even if their basketball coach was a bit whiny during the Proviso West tournament. :-) )

I'll sponsor my baseball team. Nate and Shandy have had to deal with too much financial bullshit over the years running it.

I'll hunt down a 1974 Dodge Monaco and restore it. Mt. Prospect-style. :-)

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