Jason Lindquist (jlindquist) wrote,
Jason Lindquist

Music, music, music

I started playing back tonight's premiere of 24 (which I started 15 minutes late... I went to dinner, thought, "I'd better tell the MythTV box to grab that" and forgot until after it started. Dammit.) There was a short trailer ad for Sam Jackson's Coach Carter that used a cover of Phil Jackson's "In The Air Tonight". That led to another night browsing around the iMix playlists on the iTunes Music Store. (The cover, by the way, is by Nonpoint.)

It's interesting to me to see what different music means to different people. Most of these celebrities wrote a line or two about why they picked each track. It tells me something about how they think, and how they feel. Either the thoughts will remind me of a piece that evokes the same sense in me, or the track will remind me of Something Completely Different in my own life, and I'll wind up twiddling through my own library as I flip through more and more playlists.

I wish the non-celebrity iMixes had room for that kind of writeup. I'd like to know what average people think about the music that means something to them. And also, there's a "Megan Murphy's iPod" iMix here, the selection sounds like that of someone around my age, and not out of character for a Megan Murphy I went to high school with.

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