May 30th, 2012

Enterprise Bridge

X-header crap

It is ridiculous how big this section of my .muttrc has gotten. Every goddamned special snowflake mailer has to have its own collection of X-headers...

ignore received content- mime-version status x-status message-id sender
ignore bounces-to                   
ignore references return-path lines x-mailer resent- x-authentication-warning
ignore old- in-reply-to precedence x-mailing-list x-loop x-geek x-phone
ignore x-address x-mime x-msmail list- mailing-list delivered-to x-egroups
ignore x-sender x-apparently-to x-habeas x-antiabuse x-ms- x-pstn-
ignore x-qotd x-spam x-uid x-keywords x-list-url x-note mail-followup-to
ignore x-original-to x-mail-format-warning
ignore domainkey-signature comment user-agent x-yahoo-newman-property
ignore x-originating-ip x-yahoo-post-ip
ignore x-intouch-note x-declude-sender x-rbl-warning
ignore x-well-auth x-accept-language x-virus-scanned x-virus-status x-mailman-version >From
ignore x-pgp-universal x-priority x-listbox-uuid errors-to x-auth-received x-uwash-spam
ignore x-antivirus-scanner x-source x-esafe X-OriginalArrivalTime
ignore x-barracuda x-smtp-vilter x-scanned x-dns-warn x-acl-warn x-mailman-approved x-scan-sign
ignore x-yahoo x-notice x-message-flag x-copyright
ignore x-md x-envelope-from x-authenticated-sender DKIM-Signature
ignore x-canit x-newjob x-destination-id x-mailingid x-smfbl
ignore x-virtualservergroup x-smheadermap x-received x-authority
ignore x-ymail-osg x-dkim x-twitter x-campaign x-domainkeys
ignore thread- accept x-listbox
ignore x-lj x-esn_ x-facebook x-google x-ironport x-beenthere
ignore x-mail-from x-analysisout x-goodmail x-apple x-uniform x-proofpoint
ignore x-forwarded authentication-results x-original x-policy
ignore x-sendgrid x-ct
ignore x-broadcast x-binding x-contact x-msfbl
ignore x-info x-iadb x-tm-id x-rpcampaign
ignore x-return-path x-roving x-lumos