August 13th, 2009

Enterprise Bridge

More on the Mac tablet

Gizmodo quotes an insider in Cupertino on the rumored pending tablet. A commenter posts a translated quote from Engadget Germany:
The MacBook Touch is a iPhone emulator equipped, although no phone calls or SMS / MMS send allowed, but all the Apps from the App Store makes available. The operating system is a variant of Snow Leopard to use, especially on the multi-touch capabilities of the MacBook Touch has been adjusted. It should come with no optical drive, but you SuperDrive MacBook Air can connect, in addition to keyboards and mice from Apple. Furthermore, with this: 2 USB ports, an SD card reader, an audio input and an audio output, a MagSafe power adapter and a Kensingtonbuchse. The battery should be up to four hours persevere. The MacBook Touch will appear in two variants: one with 80 GB hard drive for 849, - euros and once with 120 GB for 999 Euro. A dock to see it as a normal screen to use it for 79 euro.

And something else I forgot to add in my previous entry, we're thinking this thing deserves a variant of Amazon's Kindle iPhone app. Whether Amazon will see that as a threat to the Kindle DX remains to be seen...