March 8th, 2009

Enterprise Bridge

Ups and downs

Last Saturday, I had to replace my cell phone. I drove up to the high school early in the morning. If I didn't drop it getting out of the car, I dropped it walking 50 feet down a ramp to the football stadium. Because I'd been digging around the garage, I thought I dropped it there, so I went home to search for it. Called it 8 or 10 times from the house phone, no dice. It rang through, so it was intact and turned on. Seven minutes later, I'm back at school. Bits of my phone litter the ramp. It had been destroyed by the skateboarders tooling around campus.

For once, I did not have a 9am baseball game the morning after the spring time change.

My plan was to sleep in, eat breakfast, hit in the cages, then go to my game. Unfortunately, when I sat down at the computer, the server was making a constant chattering sound, the load average was up to 11. Yeah, the remaining disk in the RAID mirror is dying. I got the critical data copied to the new server, mail spools and my home directory's diffs since the last dump I made at the end of January. But I had to shut down the mail server, since postfix was what was thrashing trying to write files to bad blocks.

So my evening cleaning house is cast aside for an evening of an emergency (though LONG overdue, like 2 years I've had the hardware!) bringup of the new server.

On the upside, I needed gas after my baseball game. I left in a hurry, so I threw yesterday's pants in a bag and took it with me. I'm at a pump in Chula Vista when I discover... no wallet. These pants have short back pockets, if they're not buttoned, my wallet sometimes pops out if I sit just wrong. On the up-side, the only place I went was USD's Jenny Craig Pavilion for the basketball finals. If it had been found during the games, the announcer and commisioner know me, so I would've got it back. USD's a Catholic school, so it's a safer bet that if the cleaning crew found it, it would be turned in. But maybe, just maybe, it fell out at home. Turns out I'd taken it out and stuck it in the bin where I empty my pockets.

Girls basketball lost the game, by the way. Got outscored 11-2 in the 4th quarter, couldn't hit a shot. It was ugly. They advance to the SoCal regionals. They have to travel, though, to eastern bumblefuck, Canyon Springs in Moreno Valley. The silver lining is that's five minutes from Portillo's. I guess I know where I'm going for dinner.

It would be wise of me to be very careful this week, lest something really bad happens...