January 20th, 2009

Enterprise Bridge

And So It Begins

09:05 <@djh> HUSSEIN!!
09:06 <@ktgeek> oh man, OATH FAIL
09:06 <@MrsA> they're SHOOTIN at him!!!
09:06 <@Redneck_> Seriously...
09:06 <@[Ender]> Done.
09:06 <@ktgeek> okay, folks, let's go SMOKE A BOWL
Enterprise Bridge

The Inaugural View

Keith, from his office on Michigan Avenue, looking across the street to Pioneer Plaza:

I would not settle for craptacular network streams. I stayed home, I have MythTV recording the MSNBC and WGN feeds:

"President Barack Obama".

One chapter is done. The new one begins now.
Enterprise Bridge

Thoughts and recaps later

I liked the inaugural speech this morning, particularly the acknowledgement of non-theists and the return of science, but I'm going to save any recaps for later this evening when I can play back the recordings again.

It was nice that Rick Warren behaved himself. I didn't think he'd preface anything with "no homo" or call anybody out. But the way he spoke Sasha and Malia's names was pervy/creepy.

Aretha. And that HAT. Damn, the lady knows how to dress for the occasion.