January 12th, 2009

Enterprise Bridge

Say whatever the fuck you like, Jesus doesn't care

I had already heard of Seattle's "cussing preacher", Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church. What I had not heard is that he's a Calvinist. Remember that from US History? The philosophy of French-born Reformation writer John Calvin, beloved of the Puritans and the Huguenots, who said that what you do on earth means nothing to God, that everyone is predestined whether they're bound for heaven or hell, since the beginning of time?

I thought that was a long-abandoned belief. Clearly not...
Enterprise Bridge

That's how they got in

Prior to 1997, the airport in Bristol, England was known as Lulsgate International Airport.

I can only speculate that someone in Bristol was aware of the growing internet presence in the world, and the culture that came with it, and pushed through a name change to prevent it from being an obvious entry point for foreign lulz.

Why this airport's terminal has no jetways is a completely unrelated mystery.