November 4th, 2008

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It's raining, we're voting

It's raining in San Diego. Once I'm dressed, I'm walking down to the Elks Lodge on Poway Road, where my (and several other) polling precints are located.

If you don't follow them, political_macro and lolobama are particularly busy today. They're good for lulz.

Don't forget, Jon and Stephen are doing a live national show tonight, 10pm Eastern, 7pm Pacific. No tape delay. Keep an eye on WGN while you watch returns, they're likely to be the best source for scenes from the rally in Grant Park. You might also check in on ABC, one of my pitchers, Eric Horng, (Glenbrook North '93, UIUC '97) is covering the festivities.

IF YOU ARE GOING TO THE RALLY, and you see Eric, PLEASE point at him with both fingers, smile, and shout "I RUV THAT GUY!" in your worst stereotypical Asian immigrant accent. It's a reference to a variety show skit in high school, he'll get the reference. ("RUV" rhymes with "LOVE")
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Quickie poll recap

By the time I got finished LOLing, dressing, stripping pins off my jacket, and got out the door, it was after 8am. My polling place is the Elks Lodge down on Poway Road, about 15 minutes' walk. They have a tiny parking lot, so I'll leave those spaces for people that either live further or need to get to work quicker than me. Besides, I like the idea of walking to the polls. The two election judges working the paperwork were pleasant... an older teenage boy who liked my "My Sexual Preference Is Often" pin, and a middle-aged woman who seemed amused by my "Doing My Best To Piss Off The Religious Right" pin. (She was making sure I didn't have any proposition or candidate buttons still on, as that would be electioneering. The Obama pins were safely in my pocket.) Several booths, no waiting, in and out in five minutes--and only because I'm meticulous about making sure I got it right.

It was drizzling very lightly the whole time. This isn't a bad thing. I don't mind it at all, and it's enough to keep the natives off the street corners. Except for one woman and what looked like her son, at Poway and Pomerado, waving a couple of "Yes on 8" signs. I gave them the standard "Hatred was never a Christian value, grow up!" snipe over the PA.
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Paint The White House Black

That we are about to have our first black president is the most significant thing to happen to this nation tonight. But right behind that is this:

Ladies and Gentlemen, the next President of the United States is from the City of Chicago

The next President of the United States is a White Sox fan

For this, I am over the moon.
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For great justice

Friends, once again, if you don't already subscribe, you should check out lolobama and political_macro for EPIC LULZ

I'll echo the sentiment being repeated all over: I have never been more proud of this nation. I have never been more hopeful for its future. And I am humbled an honored to have been a part of making it happen.

In seventy-six days, we will have President Barack Hussein Obama

(And we are going to Change The Fuck Out Of Shit.)