October 27th, 2008

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Look! It's That One!

Holly got to see Obama in Fort Collins yesterday. I missed my chance in Las Vegas Saturday, I found out too late to get there. (Well, I could've flown, but I'm not insane enough to zip down to Lindbergh and catch a standby SWA flight. Hopefully there will be another campaign.)

[Edit 3:53pm] She says the lines to get into the oval were literally two miles long. I'll also note that as some of the kids I've coached have turned 18 in the last few months, they've each acknowledged they registered to vote. Whether they will is something I'll nag them about Tuesday. Who they vote for is, really, a minor issue. (That I can rag them about later if neccessary :P )
Shrub says "See Figure 1."

And you're guilty too...

In criminal trials, it's the rule that defendants waive their constitutional right to a speedy trial. Buying your attorneys time to build a defense is almost always the best strategy. Even if they can't beat all the charges, they can often beat some of them, reduce others, and if things still look grim, they may have enough leverage to get you a plea agreement that's more tolerable than what you'd get from a guilty verdict on even those lesser charges.

Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK), in the midst of a reelection campaign, was charged with seven counts of corruption in federal court, stemming from favors and gifts received from an oil industry executive and his company. He demanded his speedy trial, and he got it... good and hard. After the replacement of a juror (whose father had died) and a re-start of deliberations, Stevens has been found guilty on all counts. Markos sums up the magnitude of his EPIC FAIL:
He should've had the trial delayed. He might've pulled it off, and worst case scenario, with a post-election indictment, Sarah Palin could've named his replacement keeping the seat in Republican hands. Now, this is yet another piece as we close in on 60.
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Enterprise Bridge

Why did I not think of this sooner?

Jason Linkins of the Huffington Post calls Sarah Palin the "candidate-born-yesterday". He's writing of her naivete. But hang on a sec...

Sarah Palin is this year's Joshua Freeh. Except for not having a spotless record, as shown by the municipal finances in Wasilla, the Mike Wooten mess, and the Bridge to Nowhere. But she was definitely chosen to draw out the religious lunatic wing of the party.

And apparently, I'm not the only one who thinks so.

Ah, if only we could have the entertainment of one of McCain's senior advisers popping himself publically...