October 23rd, 2008

Enterprise Bridge

Take cover, Chicago

The spice bullshit must flow! Mancow is returning, this time to WLS from 9-11am. This will be in addition to his syndicated morning train wreck.

I wonder if Citadel hung onto the lawyers ABC/Cap Cities used to pay to defend Steve and Garry from the FCC back in the day, or have hired the ones from Emmis that used to handle Mancow's previous hassles.
Angry Spider Jerusalem

Confirmed: Yes On 8 blackmails opponents

KFMB-TV here in San Diego has the story

Quick refresher: If passed, Proposition 8 would end legal gay marriage in the state of California.

The Yes on 8 campaign admitted today that it did send letters to people who contributed to the No On 8 campaign. In those letters, it demands a contribution to Yes on 8 equivalent to what they gave No on 8. If they refuse, the letter threatens to publish their names, and the names of any business or organization they work with.

This is called blackmail.

Yes On 8 is funded heavily by the Mormon Church. A story in the Wall Street Journal claims they may have contributed 40% of the $25.5 million raised. The Advocate claims that figure may be as high as 77%.

Intolerance is the fertile topsoil where hatred grows. The LDS Church unequivocally supports this effort to write this intolerance into the state constitution of California. Its money is paying to run advertisements which lie to voters--ads that claim CA schools will teach children that gay marriage is right and good, and that a yes on 8 is required to stop that. There is a report that 8 supporters are calling gay and lesbian couples, telling them that a yes vote protects their right. Again, the campaign openly admits to blackmail. This is intolerance fed by deception. None of this is right. None of this is remotely "Christian".

For the record, I've given money to the No on 8 campaign. I could not possibly look my gay friends in the eye and still call them friends, while at the same time telling them their relationships are worth less than a straight relationship I might enter. I cannot possibly tell them that they do not deserve legal recognition that I do. It would make me the worst form of patronizing, sanctimonious, arrogant hypocrite. I would be no friend, by any definition of that word. I will stand with my friends, and their friends, and their now-legally-recognizable families and vote "No". And this blackmail crap leaves me strongly inclined to donate again.

You Yes on 8 people can go choke on a bucket of cocks. You can do what you like in your church, but you have no business codifying that into civil law. Your position is not one of love, certainly no love that Jesus Christ ever taught. Straight marriage is under no threat--No one's marriage is affected by the actions of anyone outside of it. Any claims to the contrary are lies of the most vicious sort. Your actions promote hatred, and they provide social cover for violence against homosexuals. You are an absolute disgrace, and in a perfectly just society, the rest of us would refuse to have anything to do with you ever again.

Well, unless you recant and apologize. Christ did teach us about forgiveness, didn't he? But until then, fuck you.
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