August 26th, 2008

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In the Shadow of Three Gunmen

Colorado and federal authorities arrested three men near Denver. At least one has white supremicist ties. They had apparently discussed trying to shoot Senator Obama during his acceptance speech on Thursday. The US Attorney says there was "no credible threat", which I take to mean that while these guys talked about it, they didn't have a workable plan to carry it out. I kind of doubt this is the last time we'll hear of this kind of thing. I don't know that anybody has a stronger paranoid persecution complex than the racist crazies, and they're probably wetting themselves daily at the concept of a black president.

Which is okay. Maybe they'll all dehydrate and die off. :-)
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Enterprise Bridge

FasTrak PWNED.

California's highway toll transponder system is totally insecure. Not only can you read IDs from people's transponders and replay them on the highway, but you can write to the transponders as well to clone them.

Whether this same attack would work on the SAIC-built iPass system in Illinois remains to be determined.