August 14th, 2008

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Just not a fan

Which is also why upon further review, I’ll stick with the Beijing pollution index and the blue sky index and not watch women’s gymnastics. I will no doubt miss out on some of the best performances of the entire games. But that’s the trade-off when you’re just not a fan of child abuse.
-- Buzz Bissinger in the New York Times.

I'm so glad Nicole got the hell out of that sport when she did.
But the six members of the Olympic team are the ones who have made it. What you never see, says [San Francisco sports columnist Joan] Ryan, are “all the bodies that were broken and discarded to get to those six. There are hundreds and hundreds of bodies strewn along their path.”
Enterprise Bridge

The world, it's just too damned small

So I have this friend from college... I won't name her, but she grew up downstate. She's been talking to this guy, pondering whether to start dating him. He graduated from Glenbrook North a year behind my sister Holly.

Then there's one of Eric's friends at Poway. She went to Minnesota for some kind of summer camp. She met a guy. He's a current North student.

On the one hand, the world is too small. On the other hand, Spartans go everywhere.