August 12th, 2008

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Temporarily offline

My DSL circuit has been down since 8am this morning. Speakeasy has been called, it's not in their equipment, so they're having Covad check the circuit at their level. If they deal with it today, great. If I need to get a new DSL modem, I might be off for another day or two. I have a GMail account under jalindquist in the meantime, and the cell number is in the usual index of meaty information.

[Edit 4:00pm] It came back an hour later, dunno what Covad did, but we're all happy now.
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Enterprise Bridge

Kos to Chinese: "Back the fuck off"

Amen, brother:
Cyclists breathe in 10 times what mere mortals do in the course of their exertion. So please forgive them from trying to protect their lungs (their livelihood) from the rank, hyper-polluted Beijing air. And since the USOC gave those cyclists their masks, they should back the fuck off. So the Chinese are upset. Big deal. Maybe it should motivate them to clean up the damn air.
-- From Markos's midday writeup. This is what I've been saying for a week. It isn't "mist", motherfuckers. It's airborne filth.