August 8th, 2008

Enterprise Bridge

Points for style

Another case of someone that wouldn't cope when the relationship ended. Tree+rope+Aston Martin == auto-decapitation. Inflicting psychological trauma like that isn't cool, but it sure beats a murder-suicide like some assholes go for.

This being England, the model for all Nanny States, expect legislation later this year for the growing problem of Rope Crime.
Enterprise Bridge

Bad, bad fashion choice

Ralph Lauren's company is promoting its Olympic team parade uniform. With the white pants and the white hat, it makes them look like a bunch of prep school dorks, or country club dweebs. Do our athletes need to look like they're all sucking up to Judge Smails?

This can, however, be easily mitigated. They can all wear the filter masks the cycling team wore. (The Chinese Olympic Committee and government are offended? Fuck them.)

The press, again, needs to grow a pair and keep hammering the Chinese on their air quality. Picking Beijing to host is a mistake from a political and human rights perspective--it rewards the Chinese for doing nothing, and enables them to double-talk their way through it, in front of a world audience. And from a health perspective, they could have put the Games in a fucking coal mine and had the same effect. Putting people who depend on high-performing respiratory systems in one of the world's pollution capitals? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?