August 7th, 2008

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If you oppose legalization...

You'll need to explain why this is incorrect, and also give up all your liquor:
America's alcohol prohibition lasted 13 years, filled the country's prisons, inspired contempt for the law among millions, bred corruption and produced Al Capone. What it did not do was keep Americans from drinking.
America's marijuana prohibition drew into its 72nd year this month. It has created a huge underground industry catering to users, helped the U.S. prison population balloon into the world's largest, and diverted the resources of American law enforcement. What it has not done is keep Americans from using marijuana.

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Enterprise Bridge

Another reminder about warranties and backups

My brother-in-law's MacBook disk just died a clicky death, taking with it lots of pictures, including his trip to India. Once again, I remind people around me to back up data at least monthly (CDs are cheap!) and to buy the extended warranty on laptops, regardless of manufacturer. The parts are more delicate than in desktops, and if you haul them around, they take shocks and cumulatively, something is going to break, then it's going to cost you at least six or eight hundred dollars to fix. (CD and disk drives are the cheap exception.) I don't *think* my current iBook has been in for service, yet. But its two predecessors have. My original PowerBook G3 took over $900 in repairs, teaching me the AppleCare lesson.