May 28th, 2008

Enterprise Bridge

For my old physics classmates

Junior year, I royally fucked up keeping pace in BC Calculus, and at the semester break, dropped back to AB. This forced me to switch honors physics sections as well. Same teacher, different period. Even though I knew most everyone in the new section, every scene has its own routines and in-jokes. The first day, someone told me not to ask Swackhamer about Richard Gere or gerbils, but wouldn't tell me why. So of course, I asked Swack why I wasn't supposed to ask him about Richard Gere or gerbils. He threw me out. Wouldn't tell me why. It took me a couple of days to pry it out of people. After all, we didn't have Google back then.

There wasn't even anything about it in the "misc" section on Ripco.
Angry Spider Jerusalem

Mission Accomplished

Somebody needs to DIAF. A lot of somebodies.


[Edit: Not mine, it's making the rounds, and I found it linked off Fark. I'm not linking to the thread because there's a lot of really ignorant popping-off there.]