May 27th, 2008

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Nerd Prom 2008

The most comprehensive guide to the San Diego Comic Con I have ever seen. Some points to make:

1. The Padres are out of town Con weekend. Expect that to be the case from now on. They were home either last year or the year before, and the fans hated it. We filled the parking lots by 10am, so when they started rolling in between 5 and 6, there was very little left.

2. The MTS parking garage at 12th and Imperial is still a good deal most days, but given how large Con has gotten, it fills early on Saturdays. You better be there before 9. And forget the Convention Center garage. That fills before 7. Actually, you should really think carefully about whether Saturday offers anything you really want to see. If it doesn't, consider skipping it entirely that day. The garage by the new Hilton is large, and since the new Hilton won't be open as of start-of-Con, it'll still be entirely available for Con traffic. However, if you plan to stay until the dealer floor closes, expect it to take at least an hour to get out of it. Exiting traffic is not managed well. One exit takes you onto 8th Avenue, which is a bitch to get on, since it's jammed up with everyone who parked in the few lots behind the convention center. Add to that clusterfuck all the dumbasses trying to turn north on Harbor (see #4) who fuck over everyone who's smart and is NOT doing that.

3. The trolley is a good deal if you are traveling alone or as a pair. Any more than that, and your fares will exceed what you will pay in a parking lot. Plus the lines to get on get ginormous about an hour before closing. Trolley logic is the same for Con as it is for baseball: In the time it takes someone to wait in line and get on a train, I am already home, I smell better, and I'm not hating humanity.

4. Avoid driving through downtown at all costs. Especially avoid Harbor Drive in the vicinity of the convention center. It sucks a big fat cock. Coming in, exit at Imperial to hit the Petco Park lots and the MTS garage. For the Hilton garage, exit at Cesar Chavez Parkway and take it southwest to Harbor to head north. (Even better, if you're coming from south I-5, DON'T TURN AT THE BOTTOM OF THE RAMP. Go straight through on Beardsley and you get to Harbor with only a couple of stop signs. Barrio Logan is not a dangerous place, even at night, as long as you stay in your car and do not flash gang signs. If you use that Hilton garage, you're better off finding dinner or a snack before trying to leave. Really, learn the lay of the land before you get down there. Throw "Petco Park" at Google Maps. Also: The I-5/CA-163 interchange sucks a bucket of cocks. If you're going back to North County or other similar inland places, go SOUTH on I-5 and catch CA-15 (becomes I-15) north.

5. Stupidly, the restaurants in Seaport Village don't stay open late. The hot dog stand there is obscenely expensive. (>$10. Fuck that.) The pizza place there is great, but they often run out of pizza later in the evening during con. But they're great people (they're from Chicago, duh.) Oh, and breakfast at the Marriott? Skip it. The buffet food isn't bad, but it's $20 FOR BREAKFAST. I thought I'd get an early parking spot and eat breakfast to kill time. Mistake.
Enterprise Bridge

Oh, and on the subject of comics

There's a couple of big annoying storylines going on, I guess. DC needs another Crisis to spike sales. This one is "Final Crisis". Which really means "Final Crisis Until We Need To Print Some Money", in which case they'll do "Oops! Another Crisis!" I could give a fuck. Evil wins. I guess someone finally figured out how to put frickin' lasers on the heads of sharks.

Marvel was responsible for "Civil War", about which I couldn't give two shits. Fifty-two weeks of superdickery.

So now, Marvel has their whole universe being infiltrated by Skrulls. "Secret Invasion". I already don't care. But if I had to decide, I'd trust Nextwave. Also, cocks.