April 28th, 2008

Enterprise Bridge

The Battles For Souls

This is an interesting piece explaining the parameters of Microsoft's takeover bid for Yahoo, which is probably going to become hostile. When I was at Qualcomm, our stock option plan had an acceleration clause, so that if a change in corporate control occurred, our stock was immediately 100% vested. (Which was why we were all praying that Lucent or somebody would buy us out around the 4-1 split.) What we didn't have (at least for rank-and-file folks like me) was a generous severance plan if we quit or were unceremoniously fired by new management. That sounds way cool.

Also, Daily Kos diarist Dogemperor is running a 7-part series (part 1, part 2) on coercive "youth rehab" operations run by Dominionist psychochristian groups, often without state regulation, while still being alternative sentancing options to incarceration. Very, very, very scary shit. The people behind these (and their sponsors in state governments) really deserve to DIAF.