December 1st, 2007

Enterprise Bridge

11 down, 1 to go

My football team won again last night. Poway beat Mira Mesa 16-0 in a constant, driving rain. By the second half, there field had a moat. By the end of the game, that moat ringing the turf and the inner three lanes of the track was at least an inch deep, and the field was mostly flooded. Thank God it's artificial, or it would've been a nasty, nasty mudbowl. As opposed to Eastlake, who lost to Rancho Buena Vista at home last night, and whose field is absolutely destroyed as a result.

Many people made comments to me this week that they expected us to blow Mira Mesa out, as we did El Camino last week. I wouldn't buy into that. That was a good team out there, they would've done a lot better if their receivers could catch passes in the rain. They dropped a lot. Winning the coin toss meant we got to play the wind against them. We had two punts roll a long way, much deeper into their territory than they should have. Our second half kickoff landed beyond the end zone, just barely shy of the edge of the turf. They got lousy field position, and when they needed it the least, they were punting into the wind. Under normal conditions, it's a very different game. We still should have won, but it should not have been a shutout.

And Mira Mesa was the peak of class last night. At one point, their quarterback scrambled, he got dragged and tackled out of bounds by one of our defensive backs. As they got up, they were both slapping each other's helmets congratulating each other on the play. I expect a ball carrier to be civil to the guy that just ended his run. I don't expect compliments, so it's nice to see. The talk from people on the field was that as MM walked off, there were a lot of "those guys are GOOD"-type comments. Had we lost, I would've said the same.

That said, we're now 8-0 historically against Mira Mesa. When I discovered that tidbit on Tuesday, I kept it quiet for fear of jinxing us. When I handed out the summary sheets just before game time, Kevin Gemmell of the Union-Tribune kinda flipped in shock at it. We're only 8-13 against RBV in the 20 years they've been open.

RBV will be hard next week. We'd beaten Eastlake handily in week 1, only Carlsbad and RBV concerned me. 8pm at Qualcomm Stadium, live on channel 4 for people that can't make it.

And Ryan Deehan was named a finalist for KUSI's Silver Pigskin award. He just committed to Colorado, too.
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