November 24th, 2007

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10 down, 1 to go

Football played El Camino early in the season, and won 14-13 on a last-minute touchdown and a 2-point conversion. It was the worst game we played all year. We've gotten a lot better. But of course, so has El Camino. Notably, the Rancho Bernardo team that we beat two weeks ago 31-15, El Camino blew out last week 46-10. Going into tonight, I figured we shouldn't have too much trouble winning, but it would be something like 24-10 or 27-14. Nope. 55-6. And their only TD came on an interception return.

Jeeeeezus. Really.

So we're 10-0 for the first time in history. We'll play Mira Mesa next Friday, who upset Otay Ranch on the road tonight. Winner goes to the Q. Where they will not see a returning Carlsbad--Rancho Buena Vista finally got it together and kept it together tonight. RBV was up 17-7 early, then fell behind 20-17, and came back to win 24-20 to keep Carlsbad from reaching the title game for a third year in a row. This time, they didn't hand the game back in the closing seconds like they did during the regular season.

Marty and Karen finally got married today. It was a beautiful ceremony, and a fun, low-key reception afterwards. I don't know whether it was inside references, or just the way he handles emotional moments, but Marty couldn't stop laughing during his half of the vows. Karen's going to keep her current name, though. Not that "Profe Shaunessy" wouldn't work, she's just been "Profe Gil" for far too long.
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Animal Crossing IS tragic

There's been a meme bouncing around on YTMND lately around a comic and video game called Animal Crossing. I finally found a reference to the original webcomic (or at least a mirror, via Penny Arcade).

It's really good, and really sweet, and really sad.

And the YTMND flash version is even sadder, the way it's presented with music.

I'm not going to spoil it, so the rest of what I think is behind the cut...
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Whee, functional

So once upon a time, I registered and to use for sports over at Poway. Summer before last, I lost both domains, because I screwed up my mail config and didn't get the renewal notices. They got snapped up by domain squatters, who wanted obscene amounts of money to sell them back to me. I told them to eat cocks and registered to move things to.

Of course, I had the machine broken into, forcing me to take everything down until I could reinstall it all from scratch. So we had no website last year for basketball.

Well, it looks like those squatters don't sit on things forever when they don't get any/many nibbles for a name, because I discovered this month that they were both unregistered again. So I picked them both back up, plus, which had also been abandoned.

And now I have a little content management system up and running at for Poway's boys basketball program. The key to this CMS is: it generates static pages. There's no need for dynamic content. So there isn't any. For now, I update flat files and regenerate. In time, it'll be database-backed. There's more work to be done, but what's there now will do for most purposes.
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