November 13th, 2007

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The neverending comedy of airlines

I booked my trip home for Christmas. $631 for nonstop flights, including a return flight the day after Christmas. That's really not bad. But what cracks me up is how I could have saved $31: If I'd taken the SAME flights between San Diego and O'Hare, but on the outbound trip, connected through O'Hare to Madison, WI.
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Enterprise Bridge

Fire fallout

Lobo was a white Akita-Husky, the neighborhood mascot of the San Pasqual Valley east of Escondido. He wandered the area, loosely based around the SP Store, cared for by the residents. He'd cross underneath SP Road through drainage ducts, never on the surface. When the valley burned and the people evacuated during the Witch Creek fire, he wouldn't go. I've read another story of someone's dog who couldn't be found at evac time, who showed up singed but healthy after the fire. Unfortunately, Lobo's story doesn't end that way. I can only imagine that brush in the drainage ducts was burning, because Lobo tried to cross a road--and was hit by a fire truck.

Logan Jenkins' columns for the last month are good reading. The rationale for letting accredited media past the evac barricades is that they will report on conditions for the residents. It's nice to see someone actually did that.