October 30th, 2007

Enterprise Bridge

This program presented by Commonwealth Edison

The Blackhawks are airing a home game on Comcast Sports Net. The broadcast will be sponsored by Commonwealth Edison. ComEd has hooked up a generator to the still-decomposing body of Hawks owner Bill Wirtz, which has already begun spinning in his grave.

New Hawks chairman Rocky Wirtz phrases it exactly right: "It's time to share the energy and excitement of the Blackhawks with all of our fans." He didn't diss his dad, the team is moving forward with the Right Thing.

The Hawks cutting off home broadcasts on SportsVision back in the day is one of the reasons my interest in the team diminished. It's hard to follow a team the less frequent you can watch them. It's less exciting to watch them exclusively on the road. Goddammit, I WANT to hear the fucking HORN when they score. (I wanted a remote horn on my roof to sound when they scored, in time with the ones on the Stadium scoreboard.) At 14 years old, I couldn't afford to schlep down to the West Side to see games, let alone get there. I sincerely hope that within two years, the whole slate of 41 home games is on TV.
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