October 21st, 2007

Enterprise Bridge

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire

There's a big wildfire in Ramona. I just got an automated phone call saying the whole school district is closed tomorrow due to unhealthy air conditions. Talked to Marty, it's repeat conditions from the 2003 Cedar Fire. The fire's out of control, but it's not presently threatening Poway. They're using the gyms at Poway and Escondido as emergency shelters, as evac orders went out to much of Ramona as well as Lakeside.

[Update 11:24pm] They're now closing the PHS shelter due to air quality issues. There's a TV news reporter on site wearing a respirator mask, and she says it's a bit unpleasant to breathe there. They're moving folks down to Mira Mesa HS. They've also issued a mandatory evacuation for all 40,000 residents of Ramona. CA-67 is going to be WAY overwhelmed. CA-78 is apparently still open west of town, but they're worried the fire may follow it down into the San Pasqual Valley areas of northeastern San Diego and eastern Escondido. If San Diego Country Estates (southeastern Ramona) burns, that puts Lakeside in danger.

Rooms at the Rancho Bernardo Inn are $50/night. Check in now, who knows if you'll have to evacuate in the morning!