October 8th, 2007

Enterprise Bridge

And there was much rejoicing

I haven't been able to find my Pilot (an ancient Palm Vx) for most of the last week, and it was driving me a bit nuts. I don't use it heavily... long ago I stopped carrying the cable to connect it to my cell phone to dial in and check mail with. All I really use is the calculator, address book, note pad, and most importantly, STRIP. That's where I keep all my important passwords and account numbers. I remembered taking it off the charger Wednesday morning, and not having it when I first left the house to run to Home Despot. So it had to be here.

Well, I just found it. I'd set it down while I looked for a couple of CDs for someone, which I had thought of just after picking up the Pilot. It was one of those things I'd been forgetting for days, only remembering when I wasn't home, so I went into that "ignore everything else and do it now" mode, and neglected to stick the Pilot in my pocket. I just found it lying on the floor behind the stereo speaker.

Unfortunately, it looks like I hadn't charged it in time. It's blank. And I don't think my last sync was at all recent... ah hell...
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