October 7th, 2007

Enterprise Bridge

I hate cursed x86 hardware


I spent a good piece of yesterday restoring Eric's computer at his dad's house to functionality. Early this summer, it just up and died. Quit working. Poof. This was days after I'd corrected the front-panel USB jack connections. I did the usual dance of pulling all cards and RAM, swapping out power supplies, and not even an "I can't find the RAM" beep from the BIOS. Swapped in a new motherboard, no dice. So finally, months later, his dad picks up a new AMD64. And STILL nothing but a brief twirl of the CPU fan. It turns out the PCI 802.11 card was bad somehow. Pulling it allowed the system to power up. But ONLY if I turned on the PS's hard power switch while it was disconnected from the motherboard. Flip switch, then connect 20-pin power, and everything's happy.

Really, I need training as an exorcist.

By the way, I wonder if Piniella is still happy he saved Zambrano for today. I really did think they'd win yesterday just so he could the full-speed impact of the karma train today for that bit of hubris.
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