July 26th, 2007

Enterprise Bridge

I Saw Internet Jesus and he Touched My Books

Warren Ellis was quite pleasant, bordering on jovial. Of course, he'd just come back from a smoke break, and was drinking a fresh Red Bull. If you bought something at the Avatar booth, he was signing up to four Avatar books and one non-Avatar item. The line was quite short, which beats the hell out of what I'm sure Friday will be like. (I'll have to stand in that line... I have DC and Marvel stuff to be signed.) In addition to catching up on Avatar stuff my store won't carry, I also got teh awesum Doktor Sleepless T-shirt. It says "SCIENCE BASTARD" on it.

Jacen Burrows was there too (you can see him in the background, or there is a better angle.) He noted that Mt. Carmel looks much different in Google Maps than he remembers when he went there (1986-90.) I'm gonna have to run over there and get some photos, 'cause it looks even more different now.

I'm in the Dumbrella panel at the moment.