March 29th, 2007

Enterprise Bridge

Lies And The Lying Liars That Tell Them, Round 2

It's Gonzalez deputy chief of staff Kyle Sampson's day on the senate committee barbecue. So says he, Carol Lam was lax in chasing immigration violators. (The record nearly $5 million in fines assessed and potential jail time slapped on Golden State Fence Co. must still be a secret in Washington, despite the press release.) You figure, if Lam wasn't backing up Immigrations and Customs, they would be unhappy. Once again, Dianne Feinstein reached into her magic box of documents and pulled out this gem.

And go figure, it was Sampson that called FBI headquarters to bitch when San Diego SAC Daniel Dzwilewski called a spade a spade in the press. Thank you, Dan Dzwilewski. Fuck you, Kyle Sampson.

[Edit 3:55pm] Dzwilewski just announced his retirement. April 30th, he'll leave the Bureau after 27 years of service to become director of security for Sempra Energy, parent company of local utility San Diego Gas & Electric.