January 7th, 2007

Leo- Oh Shit

Dammit, not this shit again...

Not that it's ever going to stop, but I can bitch.

We lost one of our seniors at Poway on Friday night to a single-car accident. I didn't know Tony Shafer, but my friend Karen did. He was part of a student trip to Spain that Karen organized last summer. Karen's son Eric roomed with Tony for part of it. We learned of Tony's death yesterday afternoon during the frosh boys basketball game. Karen remarked to me later on that Tony was a lot like me... go figure, he was president of the school's Robotics Club, he's going to be another hardware/software geek. :-)

Well, as it turns out, that goes one step further. Apparently, UIUC's College of Engineering offered Tony a full scholarship. Now, I hung with a very bright, very capable group of friends in college. So bright that I couldn't expect the same high standards from my colleagues at Qualcomm (!) as I was used to at school. I don't know if even one of them got the Looniversity to pick up its own tab for them. And we were mostly in-state students! (We're cheap!)
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