August 17th, 2006

Enterprise Bridge

Just a reminder, folks...

The Little League World Series starts Thursday. Nobody local to San Diego made it this year (a team from Phoenix won the West region,) but the Great Lakes winner is from Lemont. According to the Tribune, it's the first time in 14 years an Illinois team made the series. (Mundelein National came close two years ago, but lost in the semifinals.) Every game this year is on ESPN, the Deuce, or (Two Mexican games and the Russia-Curacao game) ESPN Deportes (which is Spanish for... what?)

I know the Majors are decent this year, but this is a realm where you won't see one catcher running his mouth badly enough to earn getting popped by his opposing counterpart.

Apparently, some people are bitching because most of the Lemont LL boys live in Homer Glen, except that's still within that league's boundaries. And all but one of them have been playing travel ball together for three years. Maybe this is news back home, but it's certainly not the exception out here. Much of last year's Rancho Buena Vista squad, and a lot of the Oceanside American kids from 2001 had played travel ball together. I seem to recall a newspaper interview in which it was basically admitted that the RBV travel team had been assembled with the goal in mind of all of them making their major division all-star team and reaching the Series. There's only so much you can do to curb this... and if you go to far, I would have to wonder, what's next? Rules to diminish the advantage that southern US teams have from (near-) year-round playing conditions?