August 10th, 2006

Enterprise Bridge

Running out of bodies

Writer-journalist David Simon spoke at the New School (in New York City) earlier this year about his HBO series The Wire (which owns your ass.) The appearance is included as an extra on the third season DVD set. He spoke a bit about the blind disconnect that is prevalent in New York and Los Angeles, how unaware people there are about the world around them. That there were stories to tell in other cities like Baltimore, which had a ten times higher murder rate, had five times the rate of IV drug users, than New York. To emphasize the point, he threw out an interesting fact:
"There were more corpses last year on the three Law & Order franchises, which are all set in Manhattan, last year, than there were actual murders in Manhattan."

Now that I look at this entry, I ask the question, "What kind of stories are happening in Chicago that are not being told?"