July 29th, 2006

Enterprise Bridge

How do you park?

Courtesy of bunbun, I give you I Park Like An Idiot.

I wish I'd had these before I left Qualcomm. There was a dumb broad in AA (I saw her once) who was very proud and protective of her new Explorer. She would park it at the center of FOUR Parking spaces. Now, if she did this way out in the lot, she'd be a mere goofball. She's a dumb broad because she took the closest four spots she could find. Really, fuck you, bitch. I've got a photo somewhere, I should find it.
Enterprise Bridge


Monday, baseball was brutally hot. Since the last day of class was Wednesday, I predicted rain and a break in the heat for Thursday. We wound up getting it yesterday, at the end of an overcast day. It didn't break 80 today. Huzzah, let's hope it holds out the rest of the summer.

I've discovered today that the new season of Weeds starts August 14, and Sleeper Cell in October.

Turned over a hundred thousand miles on the car today, southbound on Midland passing the elementary school. A little under two months short of six years since I bought it.