June 20th, 2006

Enterprise Bridge


One Douglas McDonnell-Douglas Boeing MD-83, as-is, minor scratches on lower nose. Buyer picks up, American Airlines hangar, Chicago-O'Hare International (KORD).

WGN-TV video of landing, ORD runway 14R. Of course they didn't stop operations while/after this happened. It would've disrupted the entire national air system. But I imagine that United 767 or 777 that lands on 9R at the end of the video was warned he might have to go around, depending on what happened to the inbound traffic from his left. 14R is O'Hare's longest runway, at 13,000', and is the logical place to bring down a crippled aircraft, particularly if the winds were still from the southeast as they were six hours later when I read about it.
Enterprise Bridge

Die motherfuckers die...

If this ad were real, I would indeed sleep with a pistol under the pillow. And spare mags on the nightstand.

I would really like to see a counter-ad produced, compositing the original with material involving their violent, bloody deaths. Using the Geto Boys' "Still" as the soundtrack.