June 15th, 2006

Enterprise Bridge

The Nightmare Scenario

(Before I lose people, you should never speak to federal agents (from any agency) without an attorney. Politely decline, ask for their cards, go hire a lawyer, and have the lawyer get back to them. Even if they're nice guys, their bosses or the AUSA may have political aspirations, and have no compunctions about putting you in FPMITAP to get there.)

Fellow West Wing aficianados will recall the rhetorical nightmare scenario in "Mr. Willis of Ohio", that later happened nearly verbatim at the end of "Commencement", three years later.

Bruce Schneier threw a challenge out some months ago to construct a post-9/11 variant of that drama. This is indeed a useful exercise in fleshing out what the threat model is that we need to guard against. Here's how the winning entry ends:
"Scene 14: Worst U.S. market crash in history. America's GNP drops from the top of the charts to 20th worldwide. Exports and imports cease on the West coast. Martial law fails to control mass exodus from Seattle, San Francisco, and L.A. as millions flee to the east. Gas shortages and vigilante mentality take their toll on the panicked populace. The West is 'wild' once more. The East is overrun with millions seeking homes and employment."
Congratulations, Tom. I'm still trying to figure out what you win.
Browse around the link, there's nearly 200 pages more where that came from. And remember, passenger security at airports is moderately tight. Ramp and cargo security? Bitch, please...
Enterprise Bridge

Thank you...

It's time to check up on Best-of-Craigslist again. There's several gems as always, but notably a rant from an LA-area cop.

Guys, thanks. Really. Thank you for doing the job. Every one of you makes a difference. Look around the world at all the places that don't have adequate, honest, professional police protection. Without you, that's us. Missing kids who stay missing. Violent criminals becoming neighborhood tyrants. Property losses that would only get worse if reported--because the responder would want a piece of the pie, too. (I live near San Diego, the stories I hear from people who cross into Tijuana are an offensive disgrace.) Frighteningly unsafe streets to walk on, let alone drive.

Yes, there's a few assholes. But they're vastly outnumbered. Yes, in a lot of urban locales, we need to support and equip you better. Please don't give up on us, make sure your union leadership has the sense to remind us what you need when elections come around, so we can vote in better management. (Again, San Diego. It's Wrong that I sat on a DUI trial jury and watched a city officer testify, who'd had hours of sleep in the single digits over the previous three days.)