May 31st, 2006

Enterprise Bridge

It's that time of year

Yes, it's senior prank season! I've already covered what happened at San Dieguito Academy. (Which, by the way, San Diego Union-Tribune columnist Logan Jenkins agrees was teh awesum.) In that spirit, I pass on this one described on everything2. Students at St. Andrew's boarding school in Delaware tapped into the PA system in the campus bell tower, and set it up to play a CD of wholly inappropriate music just after the end of their commencement ceremony. The prank was pulled by members of the Class of 1996, and then after its discovery on e2, was repeated by the Class of 2005. The '96 crew got it almost-right, they overlooked one technical hitch. The '05 crew nailed it so well, the school couldn't figure out how to stop it from recurring every day at the same time.

This is not entirely unlike what I had wanted to do for my own graduation from Glenbrook North. (I abandoned the plan since my principal was retiring, and didn't want to risk spoiling his memory of his last commencement.)

On the chance that, someday soon, students at Poway High School learn to use Google and find my journal, do not get any ideas. I control the football stadium PA system, I can disable it without needing to enter the press box, and I never miss graduation. So there. :P
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