May 13th, 2006

Enterprise Bridge

Locals again...

The Union-Tribune and the NC Times don't have any coverage (yet?). Rancho Bernardo's Cole Hamels made his major league debut last night pitching for Philadelphia. A month ago he was still in single-A ball. Last night he threw five innings of one-hit ball, though on a high 92 pitches giving up five walks. He still struck out seven, including Griffey twice, once looking on a 3-2 changeup. That's a damned good start for a kid four years out of high school. Hell, it's impressive he even got there. Summer after his sophomore year, he broke his arm pitching against Poway (of all people) and missed his entire junior season. (We still got swept.) He's had health problems the last two years that killed both seasons early. If he stays healthy now, we should see big things over the next decade.

Hopefully, someone's sent him a copy of Bull Durham. If you must get into a bar fight again, do not not not not hit someone with your pitching hand.