March 23rd, 2006

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Fucking Clarence Page

I will not argue, it is fundamentally true that life for black males is worse than ever. Unfortunately, Clarence Page is not helping to change that. "What can be done? A lot." he says. But he offers no details, just the broad claim that government has an important role to play. What can it do? What can people outside those poor neighborhoods do to help undereducated (uneducated?) black males? He tells us nothing.

Boy, that's a lot of fucking help, pal.
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From the people that brought you the Inquisition

jwz referenced a story today about Catholics approving of torture. Since I long ago offended his delicate sensibilities, I can't comment on his entries anymore, so I couldn't respond directly to kehoea's comment in this thread. So it's here instead:
So? The Catholic Church is not a democracy,

It's not and it is... the pastor in the parish I grew up in used to impress upon us all the time that "the church" wasn't the building we met in[1], it wasn't the hierarchy of bishops and the Vatican in Rome, it was us. None of the rest of it meant a damn if it weren't for the lot of us who believed and belonged.

The hierarchy patriarchy can be forced to respond to the people it looks after. When the patriarchy is wrong, they need to be told so, progressively more loudly the longer they ignore it. That's what finally got the Church in America to get off its ass on pervert priests. From the look of things, Rome was not pleased, and would have much preferred to keep sweeping them under the rug. But we'd made enough noise here they could no longer ignore our concerns. (It warmed my heart to see the bishop who celebrated my confirmation mass standing front and center, politely but firmly, leading the charge.)

If we're the Church, then it's our responsibility to force it to change. So we're open to criticism if we're not pushing the patriarchy hard enough to G3T IT R1TE on sexuality, contraception, and homosexuality.

[1] He always referred to it as the "worship center", both verbally and in print.
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Supporters of Intelligent Design: SUCK IT!

"Intelligent Design" is just creationism in a pleasant-looking wrapper. It was assembled by whiny, bratty psychochristians who were upset the meanies on the Supreme Court told them they weren't allowed to have it taught in the public schools. It is not science. It is not a scientific theory, it is a religious belief. In an article elected to Best-Of-Craigslist, the situation is well-described:
11. Intelligent Design

Do you enjoy electricity? Jet engines? Semi-conductors?

Thank the scientific method. Almost all of the technological progress that mankind has enjoyed has taken place in the past 300 years. This is thanks to a system of thought that focuses only on natural explanations for phenomenon in the world around us that survive numerous tests and retests.

The "theory" of evolution was also derived from this same marvelous mode of thought. However, let us define our terminology: technically, evolution is in fact only a "theory." However, "gravity" to this day is referred to as Newton's Theory of Gravitation. EVERYTHING in science is a theory, since the only proof that scientists rely upon for formulating their beliefs are PAST observations of PAST events.

However, take comfort in the fact that this minor technicality does nothing to impair the "truth" of scientific observations the next time you use a USB flash drive; everytime you plug one in, you are single-handedly proving the truth of Quantum Mechanics.

Thus, no true scientific theory would look at the complexity of the world around us, throw up its hands and say, "It's SO COMPLEX! I JUST DON'T UNDERSTAND IT! IT MUST HAVE BEEN A SPOOKY INVISIBLE FATHER FIGURE LIVING IN THE SKY WHO CREATED IT."

This is not to say that there might not be some sort of creator - however, calling the belief in such a being "science" is anathema to the very underpinnings of our civilization as we know it.

In sum - you are free to believe in it. However, you're not allowed to call it "science."

I tell you again: If you call it "science", you are an ignorant flaming douchebag.
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Oh yeah, you're not Irish. (Neither am I.)

Required reading for all: The poet warren_ellis lyricizes about the Feast of St. Patrick's Day:
baddy o'signal

The next person to wish me a happy St Pat's Day will have their ISP anonymously informed that they download pictures of dogs fucking babies. I've slept with Irish girls and gotten drunk in Belfast, which makes me more Irish than 99% of you -- and, whoops, here's the clue train pulling up to the station, and it says I'm not Irish and neither are 99% of you so you can stick St Pat's Day up your arse.

If you want to celebrate St Pat's today, eat a raw potato, build a house out of peat and get yourself shot by an Englishman.

And guess what? If you were born in America, you're not Irish, you're fucking American. Deal with it.

(Though I still advise American tourists in Europe to tell people they're Canadian at all times.)

This was your Daily Truth. Please return to your duties. Thank you.
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