March 14th, 2006

Enterprise Bridge

Ready to go...

So there's the entire field of 65 teams, laid out with sites and published game times. Since we deal heavily in hardware schematics at work, we have severe need for color laser printers that handle of 11"x17" paper. That's the NCAA PDF bracket tiled across two pages, which is just large enough to comfortably write on. Trying to glom text onto it digitally, manually, has just been a royal pain in the ass. Sometime, I need to write something to do that programmatically, merge the two together, and take it to a Kinko's with a big poster roll-format inkjet.
Spartan Logo

I went down to the river...

Peoria's downtown sits along the Illinois River. Conveniently, a set of tracks runs along that river, so one can go down to the station as well. And just up the hill from that river and those tracks is the Peoria Civic Center, where they play the state basketball finals. (It takes a basketball to roll...)
Final: Glenbrook North  48
       Warren           41

Scheyer 27 points, Kelly 10 rebounds

I'll be in Peoria Friday afternoon, and there is one mission for this weekend:
Spartans Seek Second Serving of Soul Satisfaction

The full field is West Aurora, Peoria Richwoods, Thornwood, Schaumburg, Simeon, us, Marshall, and Edwardsville.