February 19th, 2006

Enterprise Bridge

Change of season

Basketball is done, at least for us. Twenty teams showed up for sixteen spots, we didn't get one. With our record, that was no surprise. We certainly underperformed. We'll see what this means for next year.

Matt was talking to our office manager on Thursday, trying to identify the music in the trailer for UltraViolet. Feel free to call it "Ultraviolent", because that's what it looks like it is. (Well, PG-13-limited ultra violence.) This looks good enough to go see in the theater. Bear in mind I'm an easy sell when you package women in tight costumes, guns, and wall-to-wall ass-kicking. I rented the director's previous effort, Equilibrium, which was pretty good. He seems to have a thing for stories about people in a dystopian future fighting back against The Man. (It's a clean future, it's not Ridley Scott steam and grime.) Anyways, the trailer features Rob D's "Clubbed To Death", and what turned out to be Jem's "24". Trailers nowadays rarely feature actual film music, so the tastes of whoever assembled this trailer dovetail with mine quite nicely.