January 26th, 2006

Enterprise Bridge

If this is typical...

...this is a Bad Sign of things to come.

So the Corporate Mothership is taking control of our IT operation. To do this, they're having a frame relay circuit installed. They contract with their frame provider, who naturally has to work with PacBell to complete the loop. PacBell only comes out to the demarc, not to our office suite. You'd think that the PacBell installer would poke his head in as a courtesy to say "Hey, your frame circuit is installed, you can punch it over into your premises wiring now." Except PacBell isn't working for us--and very likely doesn't know who we are. He reports up the chain to the frame provider, who reports to the Mothership.

Who never bothered to tell us this was done.

We only found out because the frame provider called my partner in crime to confirm the shipping address for the frame relay terminal, and insisted the circuit was in. Matt's much nicer than I am. I would have left a voicemail for the Mothership contact that there was a frame terminal on the way, and it will sit in receiving until someone tells me what else they want done with it. He was much more diplomatic.

So far, this has been a disaster. Nobody tells us anything specific, unless it's a date someone is flying out here. So now we're going to spend Super Bowl weekend doing the cutover. If the Bears were in the game this year, I'd be Pissed. But they're not, so I can TiVo for commercials.

But don't think I won't be giving the Mothership people shit every time something goes wrong. Well-informed is well-prepared, and we're barely prepared for anything.
Enterprise Bridge

Mobile EV-DO data

One of my running gripes about Sprint and Verizon's EV-DO data services is that the only equipment they sell for it is a PC Card. Assuming I could ever justify the $80/month rate they charge, the service is still useless since that equipment is useless. (No iBook ships with PC Card slots, and the new MacBooks use the new PCIe card variant.) While looking for information on the AirLink USB Ether adapter I just bought to get my internal net working at home again (the MythTV box is starving for program guide data) I accidentally ran into a company that sells an ethernet bridge for EV-DO. Dunno how much it costs (it's probably Expensive™) but there it is...