January 5th, 2006

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"It would explain a great many things" -- Spock

On one of my trips home in the last year, I noticed the construction of another set of collapsible bleachers atop the boys (south) shelf of Glenbrook North's main gym. They don't run the full width of the shelf, nor the full height of the ceiling (unlike the set that has long graced the girls (north) shelf.) But they add enough seating capacity to put North over the threshold for hosting a boys basketball sectional. (I once asked Jim Bloch why we never did that, back when I was in college, and he cited capacity as the deal-killer.) In all likelihood, they'll play their regional games up the road at Deerfield, and get the next two rounds at home (outcomes willing.) I wonder what the deal is this year with playoff sites... there's a lot of "TBA"s at all levels. Even two TBA supersectional sites. Given that these are almost always Division I college facilities, I would think the lead times to book them are long enough they should all already be booked. *shrug* There is progress. The site announcement has UIC filled in for two supersectional TBAs that appeared on last month's winter bracket drawing.
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Wanna buy a Leopard?

If you ever wanted to mess with the stuff my company builds, here's your chance. Apparently, some boards we sold to a customer were resold to someone that went bankrupt, and these liquidators picked them up. I'm told this is a 500 MHz Sparc board, made in 2001. You'd need your own CompactPCI chassis to run it in, of course.

Matt made an offhand comment yesterday about people looking for support for boards they bought secondhand. I assumed he meant eBay, but apparently this is the first time anyone here has heard of an actual eBay listing. So we've made it as a company.