December 21st, 2005

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America Worst... again

My last trip on America West involved being stuck in the terminal in Las Vegas 'till a ridiculously late hour. I'm sitting in the plane right now, just outside the McCarran terminal. We were delayed 15 minutes pulling back, citing a hydraulic problem. We pulled back, and they stopped again, saying they still had a problem. 20 minutes later, they announce the technicians had just shown up. Departure was 9:54 PST, it is now 10:51. HP 5 (O'Hare via Phoenix) was scheduled to leave at 9:55. I wonder if it will beat us.

In the meantime, I give you the wackiest headline I've ever seen in a print newspaper. Of course, the NYPost isn't really a news service, it's a fishwrap service.
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America Worst update

At Departure + 1:20, they tell us, 10 minutes to find out if they have the part they need to fix the plane. If they got it, 30-40 minutes to fix it.

At least they let us off into the terminal. And, while we were still on the plane, they ran the air conditioning. If there's anything worse than having to listen to a fat man snore, it's being hot and suffocated as well.
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America Worst, episode 3

They've found us another plane. It's smaller, so some people in the back rows are going to get bumped. Whee.

They're offering $200 vouchers for volunteers. They keep telling us you can use them as gifts. I entertained some fellow passengers by remarking, "Sure, inflict this brand of hell on the ones you love!"
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Round Four!

Just as we were about to board us, the gate agents were told... MAINTENANCE! There is broken exit row lighting to be replaced. I asked if they'd sit me in the exit row, I'd use my SureFire to light the way if we had to exit.
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Round 5

At 1:40, they told us they would have information on the repair (the light switch controlling the emergency exit lights,) at 3:30.

It's now 2:15, a supervisor has shown up, they're moving us to another aircraft (our third of the day,) and promises we'll depart in the next 45 minutes.

We've moved from N625AW to N813AW, and now to N831AW, and from gates B17 to B6 to B2. It's starting to feel like the end of Airplane!. "Flight 209 arriving gate 15 *screech* gate 16 *screech* gate 17 *screech* gate 18..."

I just care that I get home. There's other people on this flight who have a lot more to worry about. One man's family gathering is tonight at 8pm, he has to return tomorrow. If he doesn't get there in time, there's no reason for him to even leave. There's a couple whose son is graduating from boot camp at Great Lakes tomorrow morning. Again, if they get bumped to a flight tomorrow, it's useless. I'm not volunteering to take later flights, because my trip is too damned short as it is.