October 25th, 2005

Enterprise Bridge

Hey lady...

There's a movement in California to ban the use of children as medical translators. The example case given in the article is a Hmong Laotian woman who was misdiagnosed because her 12-year old son was unable to properly translate the full conversation between his mother and the doctor. After all, how many 12-year olds understand what a prolapsed uterus is?

Which of course brings us to the next question: How does a woman suffer a prolapsed uterus? Why, by having fourteen children! I must quote the former sage, Dennis Miller, who once said, "For Christ's sake, lady! It's a vagina, not a clown car!"
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Enterprise Bridge

Penn coming to Chicago

Infinity announced a lineup of new hosts to replace Howard Stern in several of their markets. KPLN-FM San Diego will get Adam Carolla. WCKG-FM Chicago (along with KPLN, newly rebranded today as "Free FM") will get Rebo Penn Jillette on middays. The morning on 'CKG goes to some guy named Rover, and he's pictured wearing a Cubs hat. (WTF?) Steve Dahl keeps 'CKG's afternoon drive slot.