October 14th, 2005

Enterprise Bridge

The third out

The Tribune has posted three frames of the TV feed from Wednesday's Sox game, showing Angels catcher (and Buffalo Grove native) Josh Paul catching the controversial third strike thrown to AJ Pierzynski. To me, it's pretty clear the ball hit the dirt. In the second frame (which is actually the first frame zoomed in,) you see the ball nearly on the ground, not yet in contact with the glove. So the glove cannot influence its motion. In the third frame, the glove has just barely begun to close around the ball, and the ball is higher off the ground than in the previous frame. The ball is moving up. The ball can only be moving up if it struck something.

Like the dirt.

The call was right. No one from Anaheim may believe it, but it's right. And I feel more secure in the knowledge that the White Sox earned that victory. Good luck to them tonight, I've rigged a TV antenna on Poway's football press box so I can watch (and keep my crowd apprised on the message board.)
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Enterprise Bridge

And thus went a week of my life

Before I forget, Keith discovered this today:
diff -u | a2ps -Eudiff --prologue=diff
"very nice output" he says.

So I got to the bottom of my problem with the Renesas H8 compiler. The internal file it couldn't open? The object file for the source it was compiling. Because the directory (./obj/Debug/) it wanted to put the object code into didn't exist. I'd deleted it to effect a 'make clean' (the makefile tree doesn't have that recipe) assuming the compiler was smart enough to recreate it. I was wrong.

*grumble* It was a major loss of time, but not a total loss. I got assigned to move some drivers for our Sparc targets over from Solaris 2.8 to 2.10, mostly as an exercise to get me familiar with that platform. So far, it's been recompiling under 2.10. (Of course, it was two days to get 2.10 up and running with compilers...)