October 11th, 2005

Enterprise Bridge

Renesas, (still) sucking my will to live

I'm still at a dead standstill on my current project. The Renesas H8S C compiler quits with the error "C3300 (F) Cannot open internal file". It never tells you what that internal file is. Renesas tech support took two days to respond to me. When they did, it was "You have to reinstall as an administrator."

Fuckholes, my account is an administrator. Then they try to blame the network license server (which I set up at the same time the compiler quit working.) Because the guy I'm talking to has no experience with it. Therefore, that must be the problem! Let's ignore the fact that the compiler doesn't talk to the NLS, only the linker. Never mind, you would never put license-related material (environment variables) in a project Makefile, since it's not relevant to a project!

So the AE I'm talking to is talking to their tools group to try and get me an answer. For ~$1500/seat, they'd better be building me a binary with an extra printf() in it, telling me what bloody file it wants. I've been stopped for over three full days now, and this is Not Acceptable.
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