September 6th, 2005

Enterprise Bridge

Yo mothafucka WEEEEE!

Finally back in San Diego (I'll write up my trip details later, including the wacky shuttle ride back with the selfish bitch and her son,) I picked up the week's back mail. My Discover card statement actually had a useful ad offer in it. You can now choose your card's background from a selection of a hundred and fifty. I picked this:

It's always nice to carry a little bit of home with you wherever you go.
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Enterprise Bridge

More accounts from the front line

This is a nurse at a New Orleans hospital.

This kills me. There is no reason that rescue and retrieval teams could not be assembled ahead of the storm, ready to go in as soon as it it passed. It is Intuitively Obvious™ to know the locations of each hospital and to move in immediately to rescue the patients. These people should not have been dying three days later.

Blame remains with the White House, both for failure to prepare before the storm, and for setting up a system that continues to impede aid efforts. Shrub's refusal to "play the blame game" comes only because he knows he loses. But it is also shared at the state and local level. Any of them could have staged or deployed assets. None did.