August 28th, 2005

Enterprise Bridge

Come and join the party

...dress to kill.

I'm on another iTunes buying binge. It's really insidious, with all the references to "top downloaded songs" and iMixes and iTunes Essentials and "People who bought this also bought..." listings. Pretty soon you hit a bunch of fat iMixes that lead you halfway across the catalog... it's a damned good thing I have an engineering degree. You could really run yourself into the poor house this way otherwise...

It's partly fueled by a Who-colored Harry Potter fanfic (I Googled for HP and "Love, Reign O'er Me" to see if anyone else was assembling their own music-inspired-by playlists along those lines) which got me filling in gaps in my collection.

The way Half-Blood Prince ended, the entire seventh book should take place in a constant rainfall.

Looking at iTMS's album listing, it is a particular pleasure to see "Eminence Front" as the eighth-most downloaded song. I still have no idea what the hell Pete was writing about, but goddammit I love that song, and it's nice not being the only one...
Enterprise Bridge

Good-Bye, New Orleans

Or perhaps, "Goodbye Mardi Gras" and "Hello Lundi Humide"

From what I'm reading, that city is Well And Truly Fucked™. What isn't destroyed outright will be contaminated by the industrial toxins and sewage liberated by the floodwaters.

Is it just a matter of time before the psychochristians start moaning how this is God's punishment for the Big Easy's friendly atmosphere towards public intoxication and women showing teh boobies?