August 16th, 2005

Enterprise Bridge

You want to know what's wrong?

ginmar once again covers it well. (Reminder: she's Been There and Done That.)

One of the things that really sticks with me is this anecdote of the insurgency:
Amongst the victims which I personally know of were an unmarried pregnant woman and her four-year old child. The mother was executed in the street with three shots while her child watched. Then the little boy's throat was cut. It takes a fairly long time to die that way.

This happened because there was not enough force laid in to stop people like Muqtada Sadr from taking some power. No attention was paid to the safety and security of the civil population. Blame for all of this--including the brutal death of this (undoubtedly young) woman and her son--starts with three names: Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld.

It finishes with the names of everyone who voted to reelect them.