August 13th, 2005

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Upgrade time

The Little League World Series is about to start, followed quickly by the new television season, so it's time to upgrade MythTV. First step is the ivtv driver for the Hauppauge PVR-250/350 MPEG-2 encoder/tuner cards, from version 0.1.9 to 0.2.0-rc3k. That's gone fairly well, with only one small hiccup. /etc/X11/XFree86Config needed to be changed from:
    Driver      "fbdev"
    Option      "fbdev" "/dev/fb0"
    BusID "0x1:0x6:0x0"

    Driver      "ivtvdev"
    Option      "ivtvdev" "/dev/fb0"
    BusID "PCI:01:06:0"

to get the front-end working again.

I also had to add "alias tveeprom tveeprom-ivtv" to /etc/modules.conf.

There may be another San Diego team going to the Little League World Series this year. Rancho Buena Vista LL plays Tracy National, the northern California team, in the West Regional final tomorrow night. They beat Tracy in pool play, but it was the only game they won by less than the slaughter rule. (The term "mercy rule" is for pussies. :-P )

The Great Lakes Regional final is this evening. Limestone LL, from down in the Kanker Sore (Kankakee), plays the Kentucky team. They already lost to them 10-1 in pool play, so things don't look good. I still want to know what Great Lake borders Kentucky...
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Upgrade complete

Things to look out for... do NOT just restart the MythTV frontend and backend once you install the upgrade. You'll fuck up the database that way.

Back up your MythTV database before upgrading!

It saved my ass today. I started the new frontend, called by KDE's greeter out of init, and it choked on the database schema upgrade. This left me with a half-completed schema upgrade, which made both the front and backend choke hard, as well as the mythtv-setup program. I had to drop the database, recreate it, restore from the backup, and run the backend all by itself to fix things.

The old problem of, first execution after reboot, the wrong card on the disconnected tuner being the only perceived recording device has gone away. It has been replaced by the new problem of the second card not being visible to the recording scheduler. A kill-and-restart solves the problem. I've successfully recorded simultaneous programs on ESPN and ESPN2, which clears the way for the next two weeks.

I also got MythWeb running. It's way past fucking cool. I can finally set up recordings when I'm away. It looks like there's some nicer, more powerful search and auto-record features now, akin to TiVo's Wishlists. This upgrade wasn't as painful as I thought it was going to be, but you never know with rev <0.50 software.

Next up is to compile the frontend for OS X, so I can watch recordings from upstairs...
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MythTV to-do

The informational plugins (like MythWeather and MythNews, the RSS aggregator) need to run as on-screen displays while I watch TV. The idle state shouldn't be sitting on a menu, it ought to run some kind of Useful Information (weather, whatever) and the menu appears something small near the bottom.

Fuck, MythNews ought to have a ticker crawl option, and should be automatically triggered on certain channels, like CNN or Bloomberg. Thus, there needs to be a set of RSS feeds from someone like ESPN with the latest sports scores. And if the IHSA really had their shit together, they'd have one for their playoff scores. :-) MythNews also needs to grok HTML, to strip out tags and convert &#xx escapes.

I should write a module for it to interact with Phlink.