July 26th, 2005

Enterprise Bridge

Grinding again?

I have an offer on the table from Momentum Computing, out in Carlsbad. They're a small outfit, maybe three dozen people tops, they do single-board computer solutions. I'd be doing software work, which is mostly "get Linux/VxWorks/occasionally-Solaris running on this new board", and some small shared responsibility for IT. The commute isn't bad, it's reverse-flow on I-15 and CA-78. The atmosphere is casual--I saw a couple of people had their dogs in their office. The hours are flexible, so I won't have conflicts with my commitments at Poway.

I'm taking a day to think it over, but I'm almost certain to accept it. I'll start. Dave has put it on the scoreboard already, giving me a tenure of -13 since I haven't started yet.