June 6th, 2005

Enterprise Bridge

People are still having X

...all the denouncements had absolutely no effect.
Apple and MS, constantly scorned them,
But people are still having X
and nothing seems to stop them.

Since I have 30 copies of a DVD to burn today, taking 16 minutes apiece (the media I bought on clearance at Office Despot a while back turned out to be 1X,) I finally got off my ass and got X running on b5 again. 'Twas foolish of me not to have done it sooner, and the only real reason it probably didn't happen in the first place was that the day I did the reinstall (a year ago) it was late when I finished, and I was happy just to have web and mail services running again, so I went to bed.


Copying clauses out of my old XF86Config file got things started. FVWM, I simply copied from the old encap directory. I needed to update the pixmaps directory though, as the common FVWM icons weren't there. I also needed buttons for xterms ssh'ed to my Macintoshes, so here's the XTerm icon with the appropriate logo branded onto it. I took the opportunity to clear out a lot of cruft from my .fvwmrc. There were whole menus for labs at UIUC and for my machines at Qualcomm.

Does anyone have an X11 livejournal client they like? I'm compiling logjam as we speak, but I'm not familiar with my other choices. Things that depend on GTK+ or Qt are okay, things that depend on particular window managers (like GNOME or KDE) are not, as I have no interest in switching WMs.
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